Our Roads

It will come as no surprise to anyone in the electorate of Mildura that the poor state of many of our roads is one of the most consistent issues people raise with me.

When it comes to infrastructure priorities, all roads lead back to roads.
Wherever I am in our region, I hear about dilapidated road surfaces, potholes, soft edges falling that grab the steering wheel if you are forced to go near them.  I hear about an ever-larger number of trucks using roads that were never designed for their size (i.e. B Doubles and the like) or frequency of travel.  This is what makes the roads dangerous.
Government neglect is compromising the safety of people who travel these roads every day to get to work, drive their children to school or transport our produce to market. 
To hear that people in our electorate are turning down job opportunities because of concerns for their safety on rural roads, is not good enough.
We know that the story would be different if the roads that needed fixing were the Burnley Tunnel or Tullamarine Freeway in Melbourne.
Rural road users deserve, pay for and have a right to expect better.
We’ve been short changed for far too long when it comes to roads and that’s why I’ve been consulting with locals from across the electorate about roads priorities and will continue to be a fierce advocate for investment in our roads.
Ali Cupper
AliCupper_Landscape.png  Independent Member for Mildura
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Written and authorised by Ali Cupper MP, 35 Deakin Avenue,  Mildura,  VIC 3500. (03) 5021 2828
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