Mildura Base Hospital

Following 20 years of privatisation and 10 years of campaigning, I am proud to have worked with our community to bring Mildura Base Hospital back into public hands.

The life of a rural community is deeply linked to its hospital. It is where we are born, where we spend some of the most difficult times in our families’ lives and where some of our lives will ultimately come to an end.

For nearly 20 years our community has been the victim of a failed privatisation experiment, with the management of our public hospital outsourced to a multinational business that weighs our health against their profits. A business making a profit is fine. It’s what they exist to do. But when our health is tied up with someone else’s profits (to the tune of $1.7 million per year), something has to give.

In my inaugural speech, I made it clear that the return of Mildura Base Hospital to public management was an absolute priority for our community. On 23 August 2019 I stood beside the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Health Minister Jenny Mikakos to announce that Mildura Base Hospital is being returned to public management at the end of the current contract in September 2020.

I am immensely proud to deliver this outcome for our community within my first twelve months in Parliament.

Now, the conversation turns to what we want from our public hospital, and how we get there. I have been appointed by the Victorian Government to chair a Consumer Consultative Committee, which will be holding its first meeting by December 2019.

With the support of the Department of Health and Human Services, this Committee will bring together community representatives, local government and health professionals and agencies to identify service needs and develop a service plan to respond to those needs. 
‚ÄčThis plan will be handed to the new Board of Directors of the Mildura Base Hospital for implementation once the hospital is back in public hands.

Ali Cupper

Beyond the service planning conducted by the Consumer Consultative Committee, I will be working very closely with the new Board of Directors for the Mildura Base Hospital to ensure that the hospital:

  • is responsive to community needs, including when complaints arise
  • has a culture of continuous quality improvement and safety
  • becomes a state leader in rural and regional medical education
  • works constructively with locally based surgeons and GPs
  • reflects our unique position as Victoria’s most remote regional city
  • returns to being the heart and soul of health care in our region
  • is a public hospital that our community can be proud of.

I encourage and welcome feedback on our Mildura Base Hospital as we embark on this exciting journey.

AliCupper_Landscape.png  Independent Member for Mildura
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